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Nov. 22nd, 2009 @ 11:07 pm (no subject)
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Facebook and Twitter have cannibalized the popularity of platforms like Blogger and LiveJournal, but I still like having a place for longer-form writing, meant for nobody in particular but available to a larger (though still somewhat filtered) group of friends and aquantances.

Facebook updates can only be 440 characters long, so it doesn't take much of an investment for a casual aquantance to follow your status updates. Someone has to give a litte more than a casual fuck to stay abreast of one's longer-form LJ, Blogger, Tumbler, or WordPress updates. But because of these new micro-update platforms, nobody updates their LiveJournals anymore, so I barely ever log on myself to update my own or read anyone elses, and the whole network falls apart.

Or maybe I'm finally done being thirteen.

Anyone here?

Sep. 21st, 2009 @ 12:46 am Summer Make Good
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Are kids still using Facebook these days?

This weekend was fun,

Brooke is Godzilla's spirit animal

Caitlin is Oliver Owl's spirit animal

Notice anything different about me?

I am this head's spirit animal.

I was living in a Vulkin town...

Tucking the underwear back in

Dear Gravity, I am not your bitch.
Jul. 29th, 2009 @ 07:30 pm (no subject)
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Photo's from ComicCon:

On your lap!
Jul. 15th, 2009 @ 05:03 am The Right Stuff
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New Kids On The Block were hanging out in San Francisco on Wednsday, then I worked for them again on Thursday.

New Kids On The Block - fan art

The show was somewhat near Sacramento, I didn't have plans for a few days and I found myself really missing a few Sacto folks, so I headed over after the show.

Friday's plans included drinking until my heart stopped with Brooke and Julz. Brooke gave us each four Vitamin B 12 pills, which is usually a great idea if you're going to be drinking, but I looked at the container after taking them and found that the main ingredient was Lactose, which I am severly intolerant of.

Maybe you've heard the story of the 2002 Warped Tour trying to get me laid?

I coudln't make myself puke so I rode my bike to Safeway the fastest I have ever done, riding right into the store. Mr. Security tried to tell me to get off my bike but I told him "Just a minute" and zipped on past to the pharmacy section where I sat on the ground and chomped up enough lactaid pills for eight ice cream Sundays.

I got it quick enough to not be in excruciating pain while ---- well the other really gross symtpons ---- but I wasn't in the clear either, and ended up with a pretty terrible tummy ache. Not quite the 'birthing a baby triceritops' tummy ache it could have been, but still a really terrible human sort of ordeal.

Video shoot in Oakland, a 'in flight safety video' for The Phenomenauts' bus. Will be hillarious.
Then a super fun show at their warehouse!
Debuted the new Officer Hoodies I invented with the red inside thermal lining and all their stripes and insignias and stuff.

Seriously rad, most comfy and warm sweatshirt I have ever owned.

Some drunk dude on drugs thought smashing the bus' windshield would be a cute idea and didn't understand why rockabilly kids were holding him down waiting for the police to show up.

He probably feels really bad right now

Back to my place for some avocados and tofurkey and things.

I was really tired and still feeling a bit tummy hurt and also super drunk, so I anounced my intent of going to bed, offering a key to the other two in case they still wanted to play or whatever, but I guess SJ was sleepy too and got in my bed and Eoin took the couch. I left my door open, trying to make it not be a thing, but like --

OK this is a girl I think is cute and stuff, and we cuddled pretty cute, all PG but still SUPER CUTE, like I even had a dream that I was snuggling with her but in a made up setting with snow on a space ship and stuff, then woke up to find me actually snuggling with her in the same awesomely cute position from my dream though in my bed, HOW FUCKING CUTE IS THAT???
****BUTTTTTTTTTTT---- I was still poisoned from Brooke's lactose pills and had to get out of bed and to the bathroom just to fart at least five or six times. Not to poop at all, just straight gas. I usually don't fart much, part of my semi-vegan diet or something, but this was bad. Not just little farts but massive stinky hot air baloon filling farts for days and days. And given that I was drunk and tired and everything else, though I don't know for sure, there is just no way I didn't fart huge in my sleep all night long while snuggled up all cute with this girl in my room. Win!!

Then we rode our bikes around SF, vegan ice cream shop just opened up on Haight, beers in the park by a statue, finished up the sampler CD, work work work blah blah blah, Hard Girls played, I was so fucking tired I had to leave a few songs into Bomb The Music Industry because I could not stay awake, almost crashed a few times sleepy core on the way home, slept 13 hours.

found a new favorite sandwitch shop! Ikes on I think its 16th street and Santches, a block off Market. Holy fuck amazing hot vegan sandwitches, nicest staff, knowing it was my first time they told me about all these different sandwitches and woudln't let me order a borring one. Then came out randomly to give vegan deserts.

more work blah balh blah

i forgot what else

Made an awesome shirt
100% Dancer Broccoli

just got back from Harry Potter midnight showing. But ok seriously, when Ron's face was first shown in the throes of passion over that enchanted chocolate, did anyone else think he was getting a blowjob?
Jul. 1st, 2009 @ 01:20 am (no subject)
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P.S. My parents house has a pool that I swam in Sunday night. I didnt swim in it much when I lived there, less than five times total I bet, I dont know wtf my problem was other than being on tour every summer I guess. But we had a machine that sucked up mosquitoes making it pretty pleasant.
I guess that machine is broken now, since Kiri and Kate and I got bit a bazzilion times, and my parents probably thought I was big pimping bringing two hot girls over, but also scared as they are covered in tattoos and piercings and punk as fuck.
Around sundown a flock of bats came out and were swooping all around us eating mosquitoes, like humming birds around those flowers they like, at least 20 or 30 just flapping and diving all around us. I didn't hear any bat noises (at least none that I recognized) but that was pretty damn rad! This was also the only time I can think of swimming at night with the pool lights turned off which might also have had something to do with their coming by, I dont know, but when it gets hot lets go to my parents place in Cupertino to get bitten by mosquitoes and swim with the bats.

Its technically Wednesday. i have to go to a funeral today for a family member i didnt really know very well that died yesterday. I'll be in Cupertino tonight I guess...
Jun. 30th, 2009 @ 09:28 pm 613
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Some really mean things are being said about me since yesterday.

I don't want to sling any mud, it is an unfortunate situation that I worked hard to avoid. I feel that the situation is not being accuratly described, and that I was fully justified.

I hope this will get resolved amicablly once everyone has a chance to cool down. This isn't a battle, just a shitty situation. I still like everyone and don't need anyone to pick sides or back me up or anything like that. But I ask that if you are hearing it and making opinions, please contact me personally to give me a chance to respond first.


in other news, my desktop won't boot at all! Anyone know how to hook up a hard drive to something else to get the data off? Business stuff is all backed up, but my mp3s and movies and everything else is locked away on there... And it would be nice to get the rest of it working and not have to re-install everything, geese!
I could especially use a computer locally for ten minutes that has Adobe Illustrator installed, or if you have ten minutes to make a minor edit for me on an Illustrator file. I'll give you a drink or ten thousand kisses, your choice.
Jun. 29th, 2009 @ 02:23 am (no subject)
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The Dyke March was incredible.
Epic roaming dance parties blasting from trucks and windows and stages and people just marching around with trumpets and drum sets.
I think I'm desensitized to boobs now. Never seen so many in one day/place. Kim saw two lesbians fucking with a strap on at Dolores Park, and a cop very awkwardly but politely asking them to stop.
Ninja misdirection skills holding two 22's of Newcastle into the heavily fortified night-time secure dance party area as I held my bike messenger bag open for very invasive prodding.
Saved Amy's life from low blood sugar diabetic shit, gave the EMT about 15,000 different fake names as she gulped down his sugar goo, had security guys and cab driver guys following my instructions as if they were supposed to.

Friday? Sunday?
Mixed bags. Swimming and sitting under trees was nice though.

I am putting an offer on a house today, Capp and 24th (a block from Mission),
I could be moving within two months if they go for it. Backyard punk rock shows and BBQs ftw.

Way to much packed into a few days, didn't get ANY of the things I super wanted to do or had to do done, but had fun with most of the things I ended up doing instead.
Now have to finish writing a bio and press release, visit Warped Tour for a few hours yesterday, visit Attaboy's BBQ earlier today, fill mail-orders, fix website issues, pack up these Blatz records that finally came in, pick up 200 of these epic new sweatshirts that I'll tell you about later (just as amazing and custom made as the jackets), umm.. More that I cant keep track of. Have to go back in time and be done with all of that a few weeks ago. Sweet.

OK its official, I'm hiring, applicant must have laptop, organization, computer skills, friendly and professional writing skills. Work at a real record label/production company/whatever the fuck you want to call the whatever it is that I do. I quit.
Orange juice and back rubs please.

Jun. 26th, 2009 @ 04:21 pm Feeling better
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I spent today's first six hours being severely bummed out about Samantha Dorsett. I didn't know her personally but was incredibly inspired by her work, a lot of which stirred up other difficult memories and topics.

I just got done working out and showering and stuff though and am feeling better now, will hopefully be able to get some of this work done for today finally.


I got a Google Voice account!

Can also be thought of as...
(415) 894-CORE

Or if you want to get really abstract about it,

I'm gonna fuck with it a bit before giving it out as my main number but it will probably be starting in a few days...


600 Gooberry toys have shown up. Pallets on my driveway. Parents surprisingly not that pissed off about my taking up a car's worth of space in their garage.

I'll be moving to the Mission district over the next 3 to 6 months, looking at buying a three or four-plex. I can't explain how this makes sense when I have less than $400 in the bank (and more bills than that), but it magically does.

My old distributor owes me somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000. I just got settled in with a new distributor though that should be pretty awesome, a collective run by folks like Mike Park, I hope this pans out. $20,000 is a lot of food.

Some shit is about to hit the fan over here that I am not looking forward to at all.

But most other shit is working itself out pretty well.

Snuggles or GTFO.
Jun. 26th, 2009 @ 02:50 pm in sam we trust
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I am seriously fucking useless today, but here's a song for you about things I can't possibly say often enough:


I love and respect you and I know that you do your best
This world is so fucked up, never let me take it out on my friends
But you know that it ain't all that bad
Sometimes I'm sorta glad that I'm alive (I'm alive)
And you know summer's gonna come and all our plans might come together
At least we will survive (we'll survive)
I love and respect you and I know you're gonna change the world
You've already made it a better place for me to be (to be)
All we got is, all we got is each other
All we got is, all we got is each other
All we got is, all we got is each other
All punks got is each other, all punks got is each other
All punks got is each other, all punks got is each other
Jun. 16th, 2009 @ 11:14 pm (no subject)
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this has me shivering